Caroline Joy Adams offers and teaches all of the following topics to  women’s groups, churches, spas, resorts, health clubs, at conferences, and in any other appropriate setting.
She has offered such workshops in many locations, and in 2009, did a series of 12 of these workshops at the Gainey Spa  in Scottsdale, AZ ,  with wonderful feedback from participants. Please call Caroline at 928-202-2209  if you would like to schedule a workshop for your group or organization in the Scottsdale,
Phoenix or Sedona, AZ  areas.  (Caroline is also willing to travel to
 distant locations with enough advance planning.)

  • Each  class  can be a one hour workshop or there can be an ongoing weekly or monthly series.

  • These classes can also be structured as longer workshops, and   can be held on weekday afternoons, evenings, or on  Saturday or Sunday mornings or afternoons.

  • Many participants find it most relaxing to take one of these Guided Meditation classes  following a fitness or Yoga class, and they are best held in  spacious, intimate setting and soft lighting of a room used for Yoga,  as  participants will spend  much of the time on the floor relaxing on a yoga mat in a deeply relaxed state.
  1. Guided Meditation for Creating Instant Inner CalmThis is  a completely soothing, relaxing  experience, devoted to helping you find and put into immediate practice ways to create  instant inner calm throughout your day, no matter what is going on around you.

  2. Guided Meditation for Enhancing Self-Confidence for Women. A wonderfully self-enhancing time, devoted to helping you increase your level of self-confidence, and appreciate the wise, strong, capable  and wonderful  woman who you  already are.

  3. Guided Meditation for Mindful Eating, Controlling Cravings, & Enhancing Your Health and Well-Being. This enjoyable, powerfully helpful  meditation takes you on a journey to a  beautiful, ancient,  mountaintop and then oceanside  garden, a place of total health and well-being,  where you will increase your ability to stay motivated to exercise and make wise choices in terms of food and other health-enhancing behaviors.

  4. Guided Meditation for Honoring Your Body. This will take you on a journey to a greater sense of awareness and appreciation of the marvelous body that you already possess, even as you work towards creating a higher state of health and fitness than ever before.

  5. Guided Meditation for Forgiveness. We all have people in life who have hurt us and  who we need to forgive to some extent in order to free our emotional and physical energy to focus on what really matters now in our lives. This soothing experience will allow you to reach into your deep well of compassionate energy and open your heart and mind to a new level.




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